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University of Florida 

Gainesville  Florida  32611  U.S.A.
Phone: 352-392-3261 Fax:


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 Company News
Coquí RadioPharmaceuticals Finalizes Agreement With University Of Florida Foundation For Land Transfer To Construct Medical Isotope Facility In Alachua County 1/14/2015 10:01:17 AM
Four Things Science Just Discovered About Genitalia, University of Florida Study 11/6/2014 8:48:28 AM
UV Light Removes 80% Of Allergens From Peanuts, University of Florida Study 10/6/2014 6:38:59 AM
Quest For Peanut That Won't Cause Allergic Reaction Continues: University of Florida/IFAS Researcher 10/1/2014 7:11:49 AM
Simple Technique May Help Older Adults Better Remember Written Information, University of Florida Study 5/7/2014 7:31:38 AM
Air Pollution Increases Risk For Hypertension In Pregnant Women, University of Florida Study 2/14/2014 7:20:22 AM
Can A Piece Of Gum Help You Lose Weight? University of Florida Study 12/31/2013 6:14:31 AM
"Peanut Butter" Test Can Help Diagnose Alzheimer’s Disease, University of Florida Study 10/9/2013 7:42:56 AM
Gum Disease and Alzheimer's Potentially Linked, University of Florida Study 10/4/2013 7:04:32 AM
Men Feel Worse About Themselves When Female Partners are Successful, University of Florida Study 8/30/2013 7:18:59 AM